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Tatiana Schallert Bio


I am a work from home wife, mama of 4, conscious musician, songwriter, blogger, and founder of Gr8ful Oilers! My journey with Young Living Essential Oils started about four years ago when a dear friend from my local church shared them with me. I initially bought my first Premium Starter Kit because I knew, at the very least, I would smell AMAZING without the chemicals. lol (Because, you guys! Young Living essential oils do smell absolutely MAGICAL!)

As I began using my oils I became aware that my body, mind, emotions, and spirit all came into alignment when I use them. I felt more connected to life, felt my emotions more deeply, and connected to my sense of grounding in my purpose. I signed up the same month for our loyalty Essential Rewards autoship program and love it SO MUCH I have been on it ever since. I gradually began swapping out my toxic home cleaning, supplements, personal care, and makeup with Young Living’s Chemical Free Products! Every month I invest into me and my family’s health and I am so grateful for the gift that is YOUNG LIVING.

My favorite part of my journey is that I have gotten to know and love myself better thanks to the amazing supportive friendships, connections, and educational support I have received from my Young Living family around the world. Some of my closest friends are the people I have met on this journey and that is more valuable than the products we share! By joining our team you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in a positive, conscious, spiritual, healthy community!

My intention for the Gr8ful Oilers is to create a loving, healthy, supportive, connected, like-minded community of people who LOVE. Anyone is welcome to come learn with us! Join our globalĀ Gr8ful Oilers Community Facebook Group! By the way – when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit and get on Essential Rewards you also get FREE CONSULTING with one of our Gr8ful Oilers practitioners for a WHOLE YEAR.

We are also currently looking for coaches to join our Gr8ful Oilers Leadership Team! We will help connect you with resources to create your own home-based Young Living business.

LET’S CONNECT! Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest @thelovefaery